Quran in Jewelry

Some of the jewelry created by Darjali contains passages from the holy Quran. While their significance is limitless, the responsibility that comes with it is just as great. Depending on your beliefs, it is necessary to consider the context in which they are worn, how they are stored, and how you dispose of them.

In general, it is respectful to wear such jewelry in places of worship and during religious events. It is also acceptable to wear them daily, as long as it is not done in a disrespectful or inappropriate manner.

However, it is not recommended to wear them in intimate or unclean places. That is why most people choose to remove the jewelry when using the restroom or sleeping.

It is also preferable to handle the jewelry with clean hands, to treat them with respect and reverence, and to store them in their box when not in use.

If you ever wish to part with your jewelry, avoid throwing it away. It is preferable to wrap it with fabric and bury them in a place that will not be stepped on. Online services exist that can help you incinerate or bury sacred objects.

Finally, it is not just how you wear them that matters, the mindset is also essential. The jewelry should not be considered as a decoration or fashion accessory, but rather as a reminder of religious teachings and should be worn with humility.

The interpretation of what is considered appropriate and respectful may vary among individuals. Therefore, each person must make their own decisions or seek advice on how to wear Quran-inspired jewelry and how to handle them correctly.